Discover 5 recipes from around the world in 5 languages !


Discover 5 recipes from around the world in 5 languages with Brulingua!

Do you like to cook and to discover new dishes with exotic flavours? Test out one of these recipes selected by Brulingua and practise the language you’re learning at the same time!

Practise your French while making a bouillabaisse!

Cook this dish that originated in France. Its name comes from the fact that when it starts to boil, you have to turn down the heat to cook the fish: “quand ça bout, on abaisse” (when it boils, turn it down).

Do you need help making this dish? Check out the lesson “Preparing Food“.

Do you like pastries? Make some “poffertjes” and improve your Dutch!

Try out these “mini Dutch pancakes”, one of the Netherlands’ specialities. They’re made out of yeast and buckwheat flour.

Do you enjoy baking and want to boost your vocabulary on the subject? Complete the “Baker” lesson on the platform!

Practise your English while making a “Toad in the Hole”, a savoury batter dish!

Let yourself be seduced by this English classic with an odd name. It’s made of sausages cooked in the oven in a batter, and is served with vegetables, mashed potatoes and gravy.

Would you like to chat about a recent trip to England with your English-speaking friends, but feel like you’re lacking some vocabulary? Prepare with the lesson “Talking About Your Holiday”.

Make progress in Spanish while cooking “cazuela de berenjenas”!

Taste this vegetarian dish from Argentina that’s made from a variety of roasted vegetables, mainly aubergine, sprinkled with cheese.

Are you vegetarian, but feel like you’re lacking the vocabulary to discuss your eating habits? Just head over to the “Eating Habits” lesson!

Try an “Apfelstrudel” and practise your German!

For a delicious end to a meal, try this Austrian pâtisserie speciality, which marries together apples, walnuts, almonds, cinnamon and raisins.

Why not make this dessert and then practise your German with your guests while enjoying it? Prepare yourself for a dinner party with the lesson “Having Friends to Dinner”.


With Brulingua, explore new culinary recipes while perfecting your language skills!