General Terms

1. General Terms and Conditions of Use

Any user who accesses the services and courses offered on the Brulingua platform, by the company Altissia International S.A., undertakes to respect, without reserve, the present general terms and conditions of use, and it is imperative that these terms and conditions be accepted before access to the services is granted.
Altissia International S.A. reserves the right to suspend (temporarily or permanently) the access of a user or to close the account of a user who does not comply with the present general terms and conditions.
 Altissia International S.A is free to modify its general terms and conditions of use at any time. Every user is therefore advised to refer to the online version at the date of his/her consultation. This will automatically be the most recent version of said general terms and conditions of use and is permanently available.


2. Access and Registration to the Services

2.1. Location of Service Delivery

The use of services occurs exclusively at a distance. The user is free to choose the training location (for example, at home, at the office, etc.)./span>


2.2. Use of Services

In order to access the different courses and services, the user will be required to register by following the described procedure. To access the services, the user must have a personal email address and password.
Registration to and use of the courses is free for all job-seekers registered with Actiris, and for all persons aged 18 years and over (as well as emancipated minors and minors in part-time training) residing in the 19 communes of Brussels.


2.3. Accessible Hours

With a personal username and password, the user will be able to access the services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The services or a part of the services may be interrupted by Altissia International S.A. for maintenance purposes. The user accepts this temporary inability to access the services and accepts that Altissia International S.A. is not liable to compensate the user for any claims whatsoever.


2.4. Required Equipment

The user acknowledges having the following minimum technical configuration:
– Microsoft Windows Vista, Seven, 8, 10 or higher; Mac OS X 10.10 or higher
– Screen resolution: 1024×768 or higher
– 512 MB RAM or more
– Standard sound card
– Speakers or a headset
– Google Chrome; Safari; Firefox; Internet Explorer 11 or higher; Opera
– Broadband Internet connection (ADSL/cable)

– A functional email address

Altissia International S.A. may in no way be held responsible should the user experience difficulties when accessing the services if the user does not have the minimum configuration required.

2.5. Registration

During online registration, the user is obliged to communicate the following personal information: his/her first name, surname, personal email address, age, sex, domicile/principal residence, status (job-seeker registered with Actiris, active employment, minor in part-time training, emancipated minor) as well as a username and a secret password. 
In addition, during this registration process, the user undertakes to keep the data provided during the online registration updated. The rights of access and use of the services are non-transferable. The user is recognised by a username (login) and a password for which he/she is entirely responsible. The user undertakes not to disclose any element of his/her login information.


2.6. Use of Cookies

Altissia International S.A. reserves the right to place cookies on the user’s computer for the purpose of the use of services. Cookies are small data files that most websites place on your hard drive so that you are recognised when you revisit the site. The Altissia International S.A. website uses cookies to identify you easily when you visit it.


3. Confidentiality – Privacy Policy

Altissia International S.A. undertakes to treat your personal data entirely confidentially, in accordance with the legal provisions in force at the national and international level, and, in particular, the Belgian Law on the Protection of Privacy. No personal information relating to the user (address, email address, date of birth, demographic data, identification, etc.) will be processed without the user’s consent.
 Only anonymous, general treatment of data for the purpose of statistical analysis may be carried out without the user’s prior consent.


4. Content of Services

The services provided by Altissia International S.A. are described in the public pages of the website,


5. Limitation of Responsibility

Altissia International S.A. ensures that the services at the disposal of the user meet the technical requirements and standards for maximum safety. Altissia International S.A. will not be liable for any direct or indirect damages, such as loss of operation or loss of data, etc., incurred by the user as a result of a malfunction of the Brulingua platform. No guarantee is granted by Altissia International S.A. to the user of its services. In general, Altissia International S.A. cannot be held responsible for direct damage, accidents, compensation by way of sanction, secondary damage, consequential damage or any other prejudice, in particular damage incurred as a result of loss of use or of data related to the use of the services, nor delays related to the use of or to the inability to use the Brulingua platform.


6. Litigation

The present general terms and conditions of use are governed, interpreted and applied in accordance with Belgian law. In the event of a dispute or litigation arising from this contract, only Belgian law shall apply and the courts of Nivelles shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


7. Intellectual Property

The Brulingua platform and its content are the exclusive property of Altissia International S.A.
Altissia International S.A. is also and notably the owner or holder of the rights, software, texts, images and illustrations (animated or not), photographs, sounds, know-how, videos, downloadable documents, of the structure of the Brulingua platform website, and of all the other elements of the website and the Brulingua platform.
Altissia International S.A. grants you a personal, non-exclusive and non-transferable right to consult the content described above and, more generally, the Brulingua platform. This right entails no transfer of intellectual property rights of any nature whatsoever.
Any information presented on the Brulingua platform cannot therefore in any manner be published, transformed or disseminated in any form whatsoever, without the prior written consent of Altissia International S.A. Any representation or reproduction, even partial, of all or part of the Brulingua platform, in any form, including by photocopy, photograph, microfilm, magnetic tape, disk or any other electronic means, is prohibited without the prior written consent of Altissia International S.A.



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