What is Brulingua?

Brulingua is an Actiris initiative. It offers free online language training to all Brussels residents. The aim is to facilitate job searching, increase language skills and strengthen professional mobility.
Brulingua offers the opportunity to study English, Dutch, French and German in an autonomous, dynamic and interactive way.

Who can register on Brulingua?

Any person over the age of 18 and living in one of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region may register on the Brulingua website.

How do I register on Brulingua?

To register, simply go directly to this page:

Enter your information and choose your password. An email with an account activation link will be sent to you. Click on that link to activate your account. You are then registered and may access your course from the Brulingua homepage:

Which languages can I learn with Brulingua?

Brulingua offers four learning languages: French, English, Dutch and German.

Can I learn more than one language at the same time?

Yes. When you have connected to the platform, simply change the learning language. This option is located at the top to the right of the screen. With a single click, you will have access to hundreds of exercises and animations in another language.

Is it possible to learn with a coach?

Brulingua offers you three possibilities to learn with a coach:

First, throughout your learning experience, you will regularly receive notifications to guide you in your progress.  

Brulingua also offers videoconference sessions called “Live Classes”. A fixed number of tokens is available to every user registered on the platform. 

The sessions are held in English, Dutch and French.

Finally, based on your attendance and your level, you can take advantage of 20 free individual 30-minute sessions of “Phone Coaching”. These sessions are given by telephone or by videoconference with a native-speaking coach.

How do I assess my level?

Your learning starts with a language assessment to guide you towards a suitable learning path. The Brulingua test is adaptive and automatically regulates the difficulty of the questions in order to provide you with an accurate result. You can repeat the language assessment every month.

What is Brulingua Web Coaching?

Brulingua Web Coaching provides personalised follow-up on your learning through targeted messages, which are based on your progress and directly managed by a native-speaking coach. These messages are interactive, so you can respond and ask your coach questions.

What is Brulingua Phone Coaching?

If you have attained minimum level A2 on the European reference scale (CEFR) and you study regularly on Brulingua, you will automatically receive an invitation to take advantage of “Phone Coaching”. You can then register for a session planned by your coach and speak for 30 minutes by telephone or videoconference in your learning language. (This is currently not available in German.)

How do I register for a virtual class?

To sign up for a virtual class, simply connect to Brulingua, go the “Live Classes” tab and choose the class that corresponds to the theme and level that you want.

Is there a certificate given at the end of the training?

Yes. Brulingua issues you a record of participation indicating the number of hours you have worked on the platform. You can print the certificate by clicking on “Profile” on your personal homepage and then “Record of Participation” in the section “Generate my certificates”.

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