❄ 🎄 Practise your language skills by taking part in a range of winter activities!


7 events in 7 countries in 7 languages, this winter 2023!
Even if we’d like to stay snuggled under the duvet with a hot chocolate all winter, there are plenty of activities for practising a language that are worth discovering outside!

Practise your French as you wander from chalet to chalet at Strasbourg’s Christmas markets! 

Stop off at the Alsatian Christmas market chalets and chat with the shopkeepers to improve your French and broaden your vocabulary with new terms and expressions linked to the Christmas period.

Go to the lesson “Talk about your holiday plans” to get ready for some great discussions over a glass of mulled wine.

Practise your German in your best fancy dress at the Cologne Carnival!
Join in the festive atmosphere of the Cologne Carnival to practise your German. You’ll be able to enjoy parades, costumes and celebrations while soaking up the culture, all in a great atmosphere.

Go to the “Talking about a trip” lesson to plan your trip. 

Practise your English by taking part in one of the world’s best-known New Year’s Eve celebrations!

London welcomes the New Year with entertainment, music and a spectacular fireworks display along the River Thames! Perfect your English by engaging in festive conversations with other night owls.


Have a look at the “Talking about last night” lesson to tell your friends and family about your great New Year’s Eve party.

Join the Three Kings Parade in Madrid to practise your Spanish!

Take part in the magnificent Three Kings Parade in Madrid and admire the colourful floats! Improve your listening comprehension by listening to the Three Wise Men’s speeches, and perfect your Spanish by chatting to the locals.


To immerse yourself in Spanish culture before you leave, choose the “Travel” learning path!

Discover the traditional “Festa das Fogaceiras” to practise your Portuguese! 

Take part in the Festa das Fogaceiras, a religious celebration where the locals dress up in costumes and put “fogaceiras” on their heads. This festival immerses you in the culture and language through its ceremonies and festivities.


Take a look at the lesson “Talking about cultural habits” to learn how to discuss the differences between the cultural habits of your country and Portugal.

Combine artistic discovery with practising your Dutch at the Amsterdam Festival of Lights! 

Be amazed by the light sculptures and unique works of art. Each of these creations tells a story, so take the time to read the descriptions in Dutch to expand your artistic vocabulary.

To find the right vocabulary to describe what you think of the works of art at the festival, have a look at the “Art & Culture” lesson!

Do you love dancing and dressing up? Combine them with learning Italian at the Venice Carnival!

Put on your best masks and take part in the famous Venice carnival and masked balls! Improve your Italian by chatting with the costumed participants, while learning about Venetian traditions.

It’ll be easy to get chatting with other participants thanks to the “Introduce yourself” lesson.